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Interior Demolition Metal Baler

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The MLDB in Austin at NDA DemoLive!

The Modular Light Duty Baler™

modular baler interior

A Solution for Small Spaces

  The MLDB is a portable metal baler and so simple to assemble and use that one person can be operating in less than two minutes! 


BALING CHAMBER MODULE: Dimensions: 31” x 75” Weight: 2400 lbs. AR400 baling chamber, mild steel construction lid and pressure block. 

CYLINDER FRAME/POWER PACK: Dimensions: 29” x 88” Weight: with shear and oil: 1850 lbs. Mild steel tubular construction supporting a 5.5” x 75” x 3” double acting cylinder. 3ph 10hp motor driving a Vickers vane pump. Draws approx 14 amps at 480v 3ph. Oil tank capacity 30 gallons of AW48 grade hydraulic oil. Pressure set at 2150 psi and pressure reliefs set at 2500 psi. Creates almost 30 tons of baling pressure. No-leak quick connects connect all hoses. 

finished bales from modular baler

Volume and Labor Savings

  The MLDB takes one cart of light metal material and creates a bale of 45 to 68 lbs, a volume reduction of 5:1.  Bale cycle time is less than two minutes. 

  A flat cart can easily carry 12 or more bales at a time, which equals a 12:1 savings on elevator trips. Dumpster space reduction is up to 80%. 

  The MLDB is the solution to reducing damages, wasted time waiting for elevators, and increasing labor efficiency by up to 75% during demolition, remediation or remodeling in high-rise and mid-rise buildings. 

Baler making bales

Built by Demolition Experts

  Demolition Resources, Inc. (DRI) was founded by demolition professionals with over 40 years experience. DRI designed the MLDB to limit the handling of potentially harmful products and make the disposal of them safer, faster, and more profitable for the demolition contractor. 

It’s backed by a limited manufacturer’s warranty.  Get the Modular Light Duty Baler for your next interior demolition project!