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DRI @ Live DEMOlition, Denver, CO

Visit us at the NDA in March, booth 119.  You can also see--and operate--the MLDB at the Live DEMO Sat., 3/23. See you there! 

Innovation Award--Tools and Attachments

'“Portable, lightweight, easy to set up – the Modular Light Duty Baler is a cleverly designed product designed with a focus on the needs of demolition contractors,” said the judging panel.' --D&RI magazine, Dec. 2017

NE Construction


Your metal baler has made an incredible impact on one of the current projects I am working on. The project is located downtown OKC and is a 33-story building that is undergoing a full demolition and abatement on over a million square feet with limited elevator access. The fact that my demolition contractor can bring 40 or more bales down at one time on a rolling flat cart in the elevator which would easily be 35 to 40 trips using a conventional rolling trash cart.  The time savings have had a profound impact. The reduced wear and tear on the old freight elevators we are using have also saved time in limited down time. The other benefit has been the ability to reduce the number of roll- offs used for the removal. Due to the density of the buildings downtown space is limited and every time the semi must pull the roll-off it creates the opportunity for an issue.  –Richard Beck, Project Manager and Lead Superintendent, NE Construction


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